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If you have travelled to Stormwind recently you will have noticed that the Stormwind Sappers have been hard at work and have finally opened up the harbor to all players with the release of Blizzard's newest patch 3.02 or the Echoes of Doom.

Echoes of Doom is the pre-release patch to the coming Wrath of the Lich King, the next major expansion to the World of Warcraft. With this patch the new primary profession of Inscription is active. Here is a short overview of the new profession.

What is Inscription?

Inscription is the new World of Warcraft primary profession that will allows players to create their own Scrolls, Vellums and Glyphs. These will allow players to temporarily or permanently enhance their spells and class abilities. You must first train as a ‘Scribe’.

How do I train for Inscription?

Like any other primary profession. Find a trainer in a major city and train as an apprentice Scribe. In Stormwind this is ‘Catarina Stanford’, located on the Canals, south of the Stockades. You must also buy an ‘Inking Set’ from a vendor, normally located beside the trainer. In some ways, Inscription is a similar to the Jewelcrafting model introduced in the Burning Crusade

What if I already have two primary professions?

You can only have two primary professions active at any one time. Unfortunately, if you want to train as a Scribe, you will have to drop one of your existing primary professions using the skills tab on the character panel.

How do I create an Inscription Scroll?

Scrolls the simplest things to make with Inscription - except the ink. Recipes for scrolls appear in your spell book when you become an apprentice. To create a scroll you will first need to purchase some parchment from the nearby vendor and create some ink.

How do I make Inscription ink?

Inks are basic materials used by Scribes. They are created by ‘Milling’ herbs into pigments. The first pigment you learn to mill is Alabaster which creates your first level ink. In some ways, milling is similar to prospecting.

Can I buy Inscription ink?

You’ll find basic inks on sale on the Auction House - initially at outrageous prices.

What herbs do I need to make my pigments?

All the herbs create various pigments. As you advance in skill, you’ll be able to create more pigments from more exotic herbs. The first herbs you learn to mill are Peacebloom, Earthroot and Silverleaf.

Can I sell my scrolls?

Yes, the Auction House will be brimming with new scrolls from new Scribes.

What is an Inscription Vellum?

A vellum is a new innovation that is like a blank scroll. Enchanters can permanently impart their enchantments to the vellum and sell these on the Auction House. Folks can then buy these vellums and use them to enchant their armor or weapons. Hence there are two types of vellum: Armor and Weapon. These are graded depending on level.

What is a Glyph?

A Glyph is like a high level scroll, crafted using higher level inks and parchments. There are two types of Glyph: Major and Minor. Major Glyphs permanently modify spells, such as mana costs, cool down and duration effect, or add effects to a spell or ability. A minor Glyph will have less of an effect on spells and abilities, such as changing the sheep spell to a penguin.

Can I trade a Glyph?

Yes you can. Search the Auction House for Glyph and you’ll find lots of these items at varying prices.

What is Glyph research?

Once you reach a certain skill level you'll be able to train for glyph research. This will allow you to 'discover' a random glyph. This process has a 24hr cooldown period.

How do I use a Glyph?

Glyphs are placed in a special page of your spellbook. The number of Major and Minor Glyphs you can place will depend on your level.

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