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If you are still struggling to make gold in the World of Warcraft and are looking for a good wow gold making guide that includes the latest Cataclysm update, then read the follow review of Luke's Gold Secrets Guide. This was probably the second or third gold making guide I bought over the years and is still the one I continue to use today which is why I'm still happy to promote the guide as an affiliate.

Summary Luke's Gold Secrets Guide

Luke Gold Secrets Guide is a no nonsense wow gold guide that jumps straight to the subject of making gold in Azeroth and the Burning Crusade. The recent update to the guide is now fully optimised for Cataclysm. The main WoW Cash Guide makes up the bulk of the guide and is full to the brim of gold hints and tips as well as a few little known secrets that will have you raking in the gold.

Luke's guide is more for the seasoned player and provides a handy reference for many gold making strategies. Luke's Gold Secrets covers every gold making angle that you are likely to think of - and then some! There are gold secrets from Rare Pets to Pirates Love Parrots. Luke' s Gold Secrets covers the Burning Crusade in great detail and he has an excellent section on Primal farming using flying mounts.

Luke also includes a bonus fishing guide and an original gold making guide on Twinks and how to profit from them. A great gold making reference - and yes, plenty of secrets.

Introduction Luke's Gold Guide

Luke's Gold Secrets Guide is a no no nonsense guide that delivers an enormous number of gold making tips and gold making secrets that are entirely legal and will have you raking in the gold. There is also a huge section on the Burning Crusade and additional bonus guides on Twinks and Fishing.

Luke Brown has been a player for many years and his guide reflects his expertise in the making of gold in Azeroth. The main guide is his WoW Cash Creating Guide which is loaded with hints and tips and shows the depth of knowledge Luke Brown has of the game.

Luke’s claim to fame is that he hung out with Chinese gold farmers and learnt their secrets. Whether you believe this or not makes no real difference to how the guide is used; Luke covers all the WoW legal gold making basics and there is no mention of cheats or hacks or anything that could get you banned.

The WoW Cash Creating Guide is not set out in any particular order, which can make it difficult for the beginner to get a grip with the basics of making gold; however, the more experienced player will find the huge list of wow gold making tips invaluable through the entire game, from level 10 to level 85.

You won't find any tutorials in Luke Brown's Gold Secrets. Instead, Luke prefers concise tables of information on gold making areas, grinding and pets. He calls this his Profit Chart which is ordered according to character level making it easy to pick a strategy depending on where you have reached in the game.

Luke Auction House Secrets

Luke Brown's Guide is has a separate section on the auction house, but devotes this entirely to the Auctioneer Addon. If you don't know about this extension, Luke's guide does a reasonable job at explaining how to use it.

Horde or Alliance?

Like other gold guides I have reviewed, Luke’s Gold Secrets Guide is faction neutral when it comes to making gold. In theory, the techniques described in his gold guide should apply equally to both Horde and Alliance factions. There's very little on Horde specific strategies except for the occasional mention of a Horde location.

Making Gold From Instance Runs

Luke’s guide does mention making gold from Instance runs and unlike other guides mentioned in my reviews he includes some Horde side runs such as the ShadowFang Keep. In my opinion, other guides do a better job at describing Instance runs. Also, you won't find many maps in Luke's guide which is a bit of a disapointment.

Gold From Libram Grinding

Luke’s Gold Secrets Guide has a small but interesting section on finding and selling Librams. Out of all the guides I've reviewed only Luke mentions this strategy. Many players won’t have considered making gold this way and Luke shows you how.

Making Gold From The Burning Crusade

Luke Brown's Gold Secrets Guide has an enormous section on making gold in the Burning Crusade. The section covers all the basics of making gold in Outlands and even a section on farming Primals using a flying mount. Now if you're no where near buying your flying mount then you can skip this section; but for those players making the huge leap to their epic flying mount, this section will have you raking in the gold.

Luke's Bonus Guides

Luke includes two nice bonus guides when you buy the product: Fishing and Twinks Profits. Luke’s Fishing Guide is excellent and shows you the gold making opportunities when leveling up the secondary profession of fishing.

His Twinks guide isn't found anywhere else as far as I know and its a great addition to the overall cash creating guide.

Download Luke's Gold Secrets Guide here.

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