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If you are still struggling to make gold in the World of Warcraft and looking for a good wow gold making guide, then read the follow review:

Introduction to Gold Guides

When I first started playing World of Warcraft as a young Alliance Mage in my early levels I never worried too much about making gold or gold making strategies, except for a little gold grinding needed to pay my bar bill at the Pig and Whistle, Stormwind. I muddled through the game with a few gold in my puny 6 slot linen bags and generally hung around with guild buddies in shabby gear and weapons that any low level Horde would laugh at. As I approached level 40, I suddenly realized that I would have to start learning to farm gold fast if I was ever going to save enough for the 100g needed for riding lessons and my first mount.

If this sounds familiar, then believe me, friend, when I tell you that you’re not alone. Learning how to farm gold is not that hard, it’s just that there’s so much crap out there when it comes to making easy wow gold.

Best WoW Guide

Desperate to make gold for my mount, I scurried around searching the wow gold blogs and various gold making sites on the Internet looking for those gold secrets of World of Warcraft that would make me rich in double quick time. Now while there are many good blogs out there - including my own World of Warcraft Gold Guide - they can only give you snippets of information and point you in the right direction. As the Undead say, to write a fully fleshed out wow gold guide takes quite an investment in game-time and the ability to write and explain things clearly so that even the noobs - we were all one once - can make sense of it all.

What the WoW Guides Won’t Tell You

But let’s be clear: what these gold guides won’t tell you are cheats or hacks to break the game. Stay clear of those wow gold guides that will supposedly teach you gold cheats and gold hacks that will get you banned. Those are for the mugs out there looking for a quick gold fix. Blizzard has declared war on those players that attempt to use bots or scripts to farm wow gold and which cause the rest of us so much trouble.

Avoid the WoW Gold Scams

I’ve read and played-tested the guides that are reviewed here. But not all guides are worth the money they’re asking. Some are just scams and have simply cut and pasted together a few tips; others make outrageous claims, offering readers secret codes and grinding spots that in a few minutes will make you thousands of gold. Don’t be fooled. To make gold easily in World of Warcraft takes a little time and effort - like most things in life. And finally, never, never - did I say never - reveal or share your account details with anyone. Not even Blizzard will ask for your password!

Making 200 Gold Per Hour

But can you really make 200 Gold per hour in WoW? The answer is ‘yes’, but after you know how and understand the wow gold making basics , you stop trying to measure the rate at which you make gold and continue on your merry way. You should use these rates as a rough guide only to compare the various gold making strategies out there. For Example, if I run around Dun Morogh for 10 minutes and manage to gather a stack of copper ore which I sell for 2 gold at auction, then my rate of gold per hour is theoretically 12 gold per hour.

Horde and Alliance Gold Guides

In theory, there should be no difference between the basic gold making strategies between Horde and Alliance factions. In reality, I’ve come to realize that there are slight differences in approach to making gold depending on whether you play the Horde or Alliance characters. But generally speaking, gold farming is gold farming no matter what faction you play. It will make very little difference unless you are restricted to faction specific locations on PVP servers. Either way, the guides mentioned below should all work for both Horde and Alliance players in the World of Warcraft.

Making Gold In The Burning Crusade

Once you reach the higher levels of 60 plus, you are able to join the Burning Crusade and enter Outlands. Making gold in Outlands is different from making gold in Azeroth and you need to make sure that the guide you buy covers the basic gold making strategies for the Burning Crusade.

Low Level Gold Tips

Another problem for some guides is that many of the gold making tips and strategies are aimed at the higher level players. Not much good if you are in the lower levels and wanting to make gold for your first mount.

Making Gold With Instance Runs

There are many gold making opportunities with Instance runs, but make sure the guide you choose covers this part of the game. Some do and some don’t.

The Guides I Use

Now that you understand the make-up of a good guide, I've listed the two I've used over the years and that have made me a ton of gold. I should also add that I'm an affiliate for all the guides reviewed on the site.

Luke Brown’s Gold Secrets Guide

Luke Brown’s Gold Secrets Guide is a concise guide on the many wow gold making hints, tips and strategies out there. I would recommend Luke’s guide more for those wanting an overview of the basic gold farming techniques, rather than lengthly tutorials on the basics of gold making. I use this guide more as a handy reference for the making of gold in Azeroth.

Read the review of Luke Brown’s Gold Secrets here.

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