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If you are still struggling to power level your character in the World of Warcraft and looking for a good wow leveling guide, then read the follow review. I should also add that I'm also an affiliate for the guide:

Introduction Zygor's Leveling Guide

Zygor Leveling Guides are a new breed of guide designed to help you power level your wow character from level 1-80 in double quick time. The guides come in two flavors: Horde and Alliance and are designed to take into account the class of your character in the leveling process.

Zygor's Leveling Addon

The advantage of Zygor's system is that he combines them with a cunning in-game addon which lists and describes all the relevant quests enabling a player to quickly look up details without coming out of the game.

Most of the newer speed leveling systems now on the market have developed these unique addons which means that information on a particular quest is available in-game and saves you the time of not having to come out of the game to look up a quest.

Unlike some guides that rely on mods such as Meta Map, Zygor Guides is a unique, custom built mod created by the Zygor programers and fully customizable by the player.

Zygor's Quest Tracker

Most experienced players of World of Warcraft will tell you that the best way to level faster is to complete as many quests as efficiently as possible. This normally means being able to navigate the world map to locate quest NPC's and objectives as quickly as possible. Zygor uses a clever in-game Quest Tracker as part of his custom addon that automatically tracks where you are in a quest and leads you onto the next step. This is a huge time saver and means you'll never lose track of a quest objective or struggle to find the location of a quest NPC.

Map Coordinates

Another great feature of the Zygor's Guides is the built in Map Coordinate system. This means you won't need another addon for map coordinates. The built-in map mod places a single dot on both the minimap and the full map to mark the location of the next step in the guide. It only shows your current step, so won't litter the map with an unecessary clutter of dots.

Level Faster - 7 Days or Less

Many power leveling guides selling point is the speed at which they can level a character to lvl 70 and from 70-80. Zygor claims 7 days for 1-80! But whatever speed they claim you should use the guide to level at your own speed - after all, it's not a race. Best enjoy the experience and World of Warcraft.

Horde and Alliance power leveling Guides

Unlike some guides which focus on leveling class specific characters, normally the Hunter Class, the Zygor guides have modules for both Horde and Alliance factions (sold as separate modules) and work for any class. The guides include the quests for all 8 starter areas and all 10 classes, including the new Death Knight class. No matter what race or class, the guide tailors its advice on the kind of character you have made and responds accordingly. A huge advantage over other in-game guides.

Power leveling In The Burning Crusade and WOTLK

Of course, to get to level 70 and beyond, leveling guides have to cover the basics of the Burning Crusade and the new WOTLK expansions. Zygor's guide covers all the basic quests of the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King expansions to get you to level 80.

Zygor's Bonus Guides

At the time of writing Zygor was still adding bonus guides to his offer. These inlcude a Talent Build Guide, his Nether Drake Mount Guide, a Death Knight Class Guide, an Inscription Profession Leveling Guide and a FREE lifetime update to his 1-80 set of mods!

Download Zygor's Leveling Guides here

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